Reach Truck Operator

TCS training courses are designed based on regulations and industry best practices aligned with relevant international standards and/or approved by appropriate industry accrediting bodies, as necessary.

The aim of TCS training courses is to ensure that all individuals have reached to a recognized level of competence to enable them to work on-site more safely with reduced risk to themselves and others.

According to regulations there is a need for organisations to ensure all employees are competent, especially in areas where high risk activities take place.

Plant Operator” training courses are carefully designed to meet the requirements of the modern industries including, but not limited to oil & gas, construction, chemical, shipbuilding etc. Training courses covered under “Plant Operator” category provide different level of skills and competences to employees involved in operating various lift trucks. AITT accredited plant operator training courses include operators for Forklift, Telehandler, Overhead Crane, Lorry loader, and many other lift trucks.

The courses are interactive and can be delivered in the language of your choice. Practical exercises and course materials are provided as per specific training requirements. The content can be localized to reflect the country or region where the workforce will operate.

To ensure that individuals have reached the required level of competency, they MUST successfully complete a training course and assessment. Successful candidates will then receive the certificate transferable worldwide. Individuals must renew their certificates as based on the expiry date shown on the certificate to ensure their knowledge is up to date.

The detailed course content is as follows:


  • Introduction
  • Operator Selection and Responsibilities
  • Legislation
  • Reach Truck Components
  • Pre-Use Checking (Examination)
  • Hydraulics System
  • Net & Gross Weight
  • Centre of Gravity
  • Rated Capacity Plate
  • Stability of Reach Truck
  • Stability of Load
  • Safe Operation
  • Extra Attachments
  • Loading of Lorries
  • Stacking and De-stacking procedures
  • Fuel Filling Safety
  • Parking of Trucks
  • Practical Exercise
  • Theory Assessment
  • Practical Assessment

    TCS/Client venue


    Novice - 5 days
    Experienced - 3 days
    Refresher/Assessment - 1 day


    Azerbaijani / English/ Russian/Turkish as required


    Min 2 Max 3


    3 Years


    - Any document proving the experience (CV etc.) (for Experienced)
    - Not later than 3 months after the expiration of the certificate (For Refresher/Assessment)


    Full PPE

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